Before anyone starts...............

Ive come back to see the France Rideout Though as only a special favor to Terry ‘The ****’ Moto… (he begged me )

Those who know me, know me…Those who don’t…don’t.

I will try to behave myself with the time i have on here…as i can’t edit peoples posts while they are not looking anymore…

There will be a few people who will try to get a rise out of me, but as a man of the cloth, i will try and cleanse their souls with a punch in the uterus or throat…(catholic you see)

I will see the France trip through and fcukoff again just as quick as i did before…

Observations so far…

I can’t believe i still cant say #### on here…

I reckon i will get about 20 ppl from here, most of whom i see every week anyway

SeanR1 will be along soon to tell me that he knew ide come back -

I will then tell SeanR1 that ive gone through his missus facebook photos and blown my nut over her…and her friends list :wink:

me groovy will be along soon too…still looking like jesus and saying he wishes ide never of come back.

Im bored now…here is the link to the trip…

Hope to see you all there…!!

Ps…You can say #### in the tags section :D#]


F-uck off back to your cave

Welcome back.

Welcome back, # # # # :stuck_out_tongue:

I will not F-uck off back to no matter how much you want me too…Ive promised Terry;)

Smiled :wink:

Thank you everyone…:slight_smile:


Just to put the record straight… Shane had a chat with me over a tea down the tea hut (I had to pay) he was nearly in tears, wanted me to come up with suggestions of how he could get back on LB.
I said why not help me arrange another France trip :blush:

So here he is with his tail between his legs :grin:

Mod that you [email protected] :blush:

Yes but who the fcuk is Ide?

Fucks sake :slight_smile:

I vaguely remember this character from the past :wink: and some distant memory of the screaming woods on a ghost busting camping escapade :smiley:
Nice to see you back, if briefly, old fella!

Damn it, I’d forgotten how much I missed that avatar

Show us ur balls!

**** there goes the neighbourhood …

Welcome back you old fecker and glad to be of service to your nuts!!! :w00t:

i’ve fucking missed you Shane :smiley:

Ohh and ive missed you Alba my little italliano…i still want to see your tits you know…:smiley:

And TDJ - Ive missed you too…the moment i saw your name my ballocks turned into a little brain in my boxer shorts and i started to dry hump the air…

Tim - …

Jamie - I love you…i want to cum and live with you for 1 week and get you pissed every day:Wow:

Trombo - I’m busting out the old avatars just for you…!!..(thats a lie of course, i just wanted to include you ;))

Tiggi - Not really a stranger of course but we need to meet up soon as im running out of material in the ol Wankbank

Rusty bollocks - Good to see your still on here keeping the site alive…I don’t want to have fun in here just sort out the france trip so don’t antagonize me please:)


Haha cheers dude :wink:

Ahhhh Shane so happy you’ve come home :blush:

I don’t get it, who are you?