before and after the ride

on the left is last years riders on ride… on the right is this years riders on the ride, because matt took a few to many wrong turns on the way,

I was waiting for this comment I thought “perfect” when I framed it.

hehe good pic!

Pfff and they talk about all the hoodies around town… they’re not setting a good example

There’s gotta be a caption competition for this.

bikers say i thought that we were gonna look like these on the left soon, after matt took a few wrong turns

I reckon the old boy’s telling her to do a burnout.

Ok then who took a pic of me on the Stealth

The old man is saying to the old lady, quick we`ll nick there bikes before they turn round.

man says to woman “bloody biker chavs, why dont they go back to London?”

old man to old bird,

i live my life a zebra crossing at a time… when the little man turns green i’m going for it!!!

Aint they Clacton Baywatch Patrol