Beers on me. New bike

Wahoo just picked up me new Z750 Well when i say new, its a bit second hand now I’ve done…oh about 5 miles on it

Fill ya boots, I’m as happy as a pig in poo


hope ya enjoy it… although it seems u already are…

Congrats man. Do you want to lend it to me to run in for you? Enjoy it and keep it rubber side down.

well done! you went for black didnt you? time to show her off!!!

Will post pics of mine soon, but it looks exactly like this



Well done mate! Very pleased for you!

You will be coming to the ace after work, but it will still look poo next to mine

Oh yeah and erm well basically black is better than green but it dont come close to the yellow!

Looks nice in black, not so sure about green on this style bike. My fave is

Awesome. Now if only I could get the money - (keeps dreaming on a lazy warm sunny friday afternoon).

Nice one, dont forget NOT to put your leg out round corners!!!

Enjoy mate !!!