go to shop

buy beer

wait an hour for it to cool down

open fridge

forgot to put beer inside fridge

bollox… :crying::crazy::laugh:

Yes please … a pint of Abbott Ale. :slight_smile:

You’re fortunate. At least you got to the shop and remembered what you went for.


Actually I’ve done that before. We ended up having to drink the beer with ice :frowning:

I hope you didn’t turn to the Vodka! :pinch:

haha, just noticed you’ve been changed to the babysitter :smiley:
Lewis put his beer in the freezer one day and forgot about it, the cans exploded, and there was frozen Stella all over the freezer :hehe:

hahaha nice atm i love the new fullers Organic honey dew!!

Amazing stuff!

beer is now nice and cold. had to have a magners whilst I waited. horrible stuff :sick:

actually. i fancy another beer now :smiley:

myself and alex gold are going for - Beer + fish and chips plus Glenlivet 12 year old to finish

Glenlivet with fish and chips… hmmm not sure if that’s genius or sacrilege

For the first time in years I had a sudden urge to drink beer at home so after getting drenched on the way back from OMC popped into Tesco for some beer… The plan was to have 1 and keep the other three for dinner… I’ve already had the 3 and not sure I can wait till dinner for the 4th! :smiley: