Beer tonight

Meeting “Bricking it” for a pint tonight from 7pm in Wimbledon…

If any LBrs live near by, and want to buy me a pint :wink: , post up and I’ll PM details.

(be quick - only online for an hour or so)


Oi you promised me a cosy 1 to 1 :wink:

Yeah - but I am unemployed and can’t expect you to buy me beers all night :stuck_out_tongue:

havent you got a job yet?

It’s really hard - but just managed to avoid getting one so far.

Nice, maybe join the Wetherspoons-all-day-lazy-cnuts-massive . You could have my old membership number “#2376347634673478god i’m pissed at 11.30am 3232143” I was admitted to the rank of Sargeant after I wet my pants in there at 2pm one Monday.

I was a member for 16 months :cool:

That’s me done - anyone wants details will have to track down Bricking it.

would have been interested… but guessing ur offline and outa the library now BL!

I would have been interested if I had seen the post in time…I work in Wimbledon but live in Surrey so don’t get to meet up with L’Bikers a lot.
Next time post in advance and I’ll be there.