Been told the triple is boring

My meanest critic has told me the triple doesn’t have that edge so I need to hurry up and get someone better :frowning: it must because I’m getting old I like it.


awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww bless!!!

you should get that demo R1!

Ignore them; the triple is Great, both in 675 and 1050 guise :D:D

get a speed triple not the street.

Got no choice he’s got the power what he says goes

Oh shite! Maybe if you get something RED!!! He may like it better. (not referring to Ducati just somethingh RED or YELLOW or ORANGE!!!)

get a speed triple not the street.

+1, Awesome bikes

The last time I told him no he went for me!

Oi matey - it’s still my bike yer know - even though you have spruced it up no end and made it more roadworthy:D:D:P So don’t get carried away and trade it in for a speed while I’m gone:D

I’m sure your cute little lad will be out on two wheels in no time:)

The street is better than the speed I reckon - more nippy and very quick off the mark - but I was at the Ace once and this girl told me my triple was like a ‘Chinese pit bike’ :frowning:

Anyway take good care of it Barry and glad it is in good hands


Had one of the first Streets in the country for 2 years.

Have to say, for a small framed person like Shiver - the street is ideal for in town - much better than the speed. It can lay the power down much quicker, and is so much more lighter to throw around. It will only start to lack once you get it on the open (straight) roads. Other than that, its got ‘useable power’ which will keep up with pretty much everything (unless the rider is lame).

I described it like a ‘jack russell’. Snappy and sharp.

The Speed is its lazier older brother. Still an amazing bike, but a little more refined (For oldies like me!). But don’t let that fool you - it still bites! :wink:

The triple is hot and sounds sexy… end of :stuck_out_tongue:

You do know I’m joking right?

I fecking love this bike shame my boy doesn’t look pleased with it

Just as long as you don’t spirit it away when I come to collect it again off you Barry - I know where you live:D

Haha I’d never do that I’m happy to help to help and return your baby when your back


My Speed’s for sale.

Take him back to the baby factory :smiley:

He’s growing up fast isn’t he?

I won’t trade him in until he hits 13 :slight_smile: