Been practising Photography with my new camera

An uncle of mine that is into photography gave me an old canon camera he had it’s a canon EOS 5000 SLR a film one not digital. Anyway I had a new tyre and pads fitted to my bike yesterday and washed it for the first time in ages so I took some shots and played with the camera.

I know Jay, Andrew, I am rubbish at taking pics but it’s my first go and I was quite happy with em! I got them developed and put on to cd from jessops today. See what you think!

I have to say love the camer but wish it was digital as getting pictures developed is such a pain!

Enjoy the pics even if they are of my yellow bike!






Not too bad there mate Next time you get the photos devloped and put onto CD tell them to put the sharpness down a little.

What lenses have you got with the camera?

Cheers mate, Will do jessops were very helpful. Not sure what lense standard one it comes with havent got the camera with me will post up when I am at home.

Which Jessops did you use? just see if I know anyone there.

Here you Terry a couple of pictures of my old ZX6J2.

Bought it in march 2002 sold it in march 2004.

Biggest mistake I made. Loved it. It was my first big bike.




Now that’s a proper colour scheme for a Ninja!!!

I love it!

Not like some other ZX6Rs here which you can hide in sunflowers

Sweet mate I like the blue! It is a great bike had mine 3 and a half years now and still love it!

Hey look at you Mr Photographer!

Pretty good Tel, tho I agree with Kev - there is something odd about the contrast/grainy effect. The side shot against the wall looks good on it tho, kinda urban gritty thing going on.

You got’em in focus and all in the frame so that’s the basics covered! Next up, get closer and fill the frame more with the subject.

Hey terry, you’ve made me dig out my old olympus OM10 another film camera, you just cant beat analogue if you know what i mean…

You can when you have a Canon 5D

the last pic is the best

Cheers mate! I the real prints dont look grainy I think thats something to do with the scan that Jessops did but the real prints do look dark in places. Like the light areas are perfect but the dark areas are to dark which is surprising as it was a light sunny day.

I like the picture of it stnading against the wall too! I wanted to blow it up and frame it but I am going to do another one out in the country with a nice field in the background and see how that looks first.

Cheers for the comments though mate. Just wish it was a digital camera and posting them was a matter of plugging the camera into my pc

Hehe “posting them is a matter of plugging camera into the Pc”

erm, it’s not really. But nice idea.

You’re taking it into a field for photo’s? I’m hearing music from the ‘Flake’ adverts now LoL

Well it’s easier to get pictures from a digital camera onto a pc than having to take a film to be developed

I thought the badly built wall in the background kind of spoiled the look of the bike so some nice hills and some green pretty countryside in the background would look much better! Dont forget this picture is going to be framed and put on my wall!