Been offered a free scooter

It’s a Yamaha 125, it won’t start (dead battery) and the brakes are totally corroded. Otherwise it seems decent enough. Bit of a ‘barn find’ as the owner has no use for it. Anyone know about bikes and fancies taking a look at it for me to assess whether it is worth doing up? I’d pay you for your time. Scooter is located not far from Feltham / Heathrow.

Cheers folks

It might not be worth me actually going there to see it (mainly because I don’t know much about scooters at all), but I have a few questions:
Does it have a V5?
What is it’s mileage?
Why did the owner stop using it?
What reg is it? - how easy is it to get parts?
How long has it been sitting? (thinking about old fuel and carbs, draining and cleaning up)
Can you get a battery for it so you can start it up and listen to the engine?
How much time have you got to spend on fixing it up? Or would you take it to a garage to be fixed?
Would you keep it to use or would you resell it? If the latter, what is the average price going for it vs replacing the break system and potentially a carb clean and drainage if nothing else sounds wrong once you have recharged or replaced the battery?

If you don’t have the necessary skills and knowledge to repair it yourself, and since your on here asking its fair to assume you don’t, leave well alone, it could too easily become a money pit.

Did your Mother not tell you there’s no such thing as a free lunch?

I’ll have it if you don’t want it

Do you want a scooter? Do you need a scooter? Could you use a scooter?

If the answer to that is yes, and you have a bit of space to keep it and perhaps spanner here or there, why not.

When you say the brakes are corroded - do you mean calipers or discs?

Do you want a project? Do you need a project? Could you use a scooter after you finish the project?
that’s a bit more pertinent.

jump a battery to it if it starts have it there cant be to much wrong
brakes are a ten minute job

It’d be good to know how long it’s been sitting there and take a battery pack to see if you can fire it up.

Also figure out how much it would cost in parts and your time to put right. Good quality used scooters can be had for around a grand so maybe just buy one that runs.

Take it and put it on eBay as it is. You are sure to come out at least £50 better off for your trouble.

Thanks for the replies guys.

I should have clarified, it’s not a dodgy “do you want a scooter mate”, it’s a family friend’s who has now been out of the country for a while and doesnt want it. Yes they have the V5.

Brake discs are totally corroded, don’t know about calipers.

It’s been sat for about 3-4 years so pretty long!

I don’t need a scooter, so this is completely a project (or a quick buck).

I suppose I should take it and if it proves to costly to restore, just flog it as is?

I would take it without thinking
I had a similar thinmg when I got a scooter to go to the train station
it had been standing a five years I jumped it off my car started it & drove it home.
mrs wise following me in the car
by the time I got home the brakes had started to work really well, I took it for an mot and it passed.
I used it daily for 2 years then sold it
in that time I never touched it I didn’t even wash it & still got good money for it