Been lurking for a while...

I live in E17, ride a triple 1050 and use it for my daily commute into the smoke…Entertaining and always eventful, look forward to meeting some of the guys and gals on here real soon, quality forum with lots of usefull info - hopefully I can share some of my riding wisdom or lack of in the near future untill then… take care out there


Hi and welcome aboard.

Hiya Zed welcome to LB … nice choice of bike you’ve got there :slight_smile:



Hubby is test riding a 1050 triple on 15th March and assuming I pass DAS on the 12th will be test riding the Triple 675 - oooh yeah (although not chuffed with prospect of a 9 month wait to get my paws on one!).


Hello & Welcome :smiley:

There was a brand new Street Triple on ebay in black earlier, an unwanted prize no less!! looks like its already been snapped up though:( As for the 1050 it rocks I had a 955i before and it is a big improvement on that and i thought the 955 was top draw, mind you the fuel consumption round town is shocking:D

Hey, welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Post up some pics of your bike in the Photos forum!

Welcome aboard :wink:

Hello and welcome to LB:D Take it you get to High Beech then living in Walthamstow


Hi Ed. Used to have a 1050 - sweet memories.

Yeah, sweet memories of 20 mpg:w00t:

Welcome to LB:)

will do:)

Not been there,but I really should…:cool:

What did you trade it in for?


Always nice to see anothyer Triumph owner. Mine are a SprintRS and a 675 Daytona

Hi and welcome :smiley: