been done for no-Baffle?

just a quick q really, im tempted to remove the baffle on my bike but it goes super loud with it out…:cool:

its a loud mofo anyway, so what are the chances of me getting pulled for it or getting a ticket?

i have an sv1000 with no baffles and have yet to have any problems. just don’t ride like a tit and you will be fine.

You’ll be OK, exhaust on my old bike was really loud, got tugged for the plate and they never said anything about the can.

I’ve never had any grief despite riding past loads of police, although I’d imagine that if you redlined it everywhere you might get some unwanted attention…

i’ve run my gamma with no baffels but atm it has half a baffel and my rs has just a pure open down pipe that sets off every alarm i go past… also had a gsx400et low rider with open shot guns:D and past the mot like that 2:) my old man always run open pipes on his cb9 and never had any probs.

Never had any probs with an exhaust, couple of my mates have hot rods with open headers and havent been pulled either & their MUCH louder than a bike :smiley: Aslong as you dont take the p*ss you’ll be Ok - Go for it!

I’ve been ok so far. I’ve a CB500 with an open pipe. It sounds amazing. I rev my engine at groups of girls too and so far I’ve been ok.

That just strikes me as funny, does it work as a chat up line? I’ll have to try it mesself

you be fine…

if you get pulled and its mentioned…point out that the can its self is road legal, and you did wonder what the thing seperate from it when you fotted it was…say thnk you officer i now know;) but say it in nice way:D

my SV like viggens is loud! never had an issues with it, if i see traffic( wich are worst for pulling you), i go up a gear highger, quitens it down a bit;)

riding through central london last night, passed three police vans, two of which i sat at the lights with and they didn’t bat an eye lid - i’m running stainless with no baffles and never had any probs. Ratty’s trick is quite a good’un, used it many a time! :smiley:

On reflection a loud pipe is unlikely to get you pulled even if it’s infront of the police, riding like a dick head however is a different story.

Joby (24/04/2009)

On reflection a loud pipe is unlikely to get you pulled quote]

… but you may scare a few horses:D

Flameproof suit on . . .

What is it with people wanting loud bikes?

I live on a main road and it really pi55es me off when bikes go past that have loud cans on them . . it’s incredibly anti-social and a real nuisance.

We all have to live in this city together . . !

And please don’t cite the ‘loud cans save lives line’ - if you need to be deafening people to ride safely it’s time you looked at your riding style.

OK rant over . . . bring it on

07 600rr stock pipe - at least one person walking out infront of me a day.
05 sv1000 devil pipe no baffles - zero people ever walking out infront of me
i know which i’d be happier to put up with. it’s not all about how you ride it’s the zombies that think they own the roads and treat others with no regard. also please don’t follow me when i’m filtering. i’d hate to think you were taking advantage of my loud pipes clearing a path. it’s a fact drivers and pedestrians are a lot safer when they can hear a bike.

Funnily enough I’ve just stuck the baffle back in my exhaust. Tis now quiet and I can sneak through traffic like a shadow… I’m not sure how long it will stay this way though…:smiley:

I’m no mechanic, but I’ve been told you might need to modify something-or-other in the carb to counteract the fact that the pipe’s closer to straight-through without the baffles.

yep even worse on a 2t with no baffels:D

Like Jimshoe , I live on a main road and get p*ssed with overloud bikes though I love it when Warr’s have their annual big ride out and up to a hundred HD’s go throughlots running open pipes, at strictly 30 m.p.h. But that’s 9:00 or 10:00 a.m.

As ChoccieMuffin said, if your going to run open pipes, you should get a re map or re jet.

good post!:slight_smile:

dude…do you really own a bike?:w00t::smiley:

i live close to main roads//love hearing a bike open up…even il4’s…:stuck_out_tongue:

ooh so anti-social:hehe:…but alot safer than a bike with a standard can…THAT…is a FACT…

we do have to live in this city togather. but there are far far worse things than a loud pipe on a bike;)

so i should ride a biek with a nice quite sewing machine exhaust…so i dont deafen people? get real! i love the REAL sound of a bike.

oh and i defo dont need to look at my riding style, as its mighty fine as it is thanks;)

oh and i think you need a new suit mate:D