been a while since i had a wee bit of a rant....


how many do they need to put on?!?!

10mins into a programme, adverts, 10mins before it ends, adverts, in fact a one hour programme is really only 30mins of the programme, and 30mins of complete bollax!!!

How many of you actually buy anything you see on a tv advert?!?!

and do you watch an advert at 9.11pm on a sunday night and think to yourself, do you know what? i could really do with some bleach that kills 99.9% bacteria,ill buy some tomorrow!!!

Take your TV and throw it in the bin.

Then sign up to usenet.

Never watch adverts again, and as an added bonus, do not have to pay a TV licence fee.

Personally I have never owned a TV.

you’ve never owned a tv? how do you manage without storage wars, best programme ever!! :smiley:

Im assuming everything you watch on there is completely legal and legitimate?
plus, i wouldnt get to see Downton Abbey :stuck_out_tongue:

suff storage wars!!!

what about signed by katie and what peter did next ??

both totally worth my licence fee NOT

not to be disagreeing to the amount of adverts going on (btw you should check ouy italian tv, if you think we got it bad…)

some are real fun to watch, and some are true mini movies, remember the one with the exploding paint?

there was the very very funny one with the sweets shouting ‘bring on the trumpets!’ and there’s the ever so sweet girl from the haribo ‘sign the confession! look into my eyes…’ that always cracks me up.

anyway, there’s many ways not to watch adverts if you want to avoid them, one of them is record and fast forward. :slight_smile:

I tend to download everything I watch these days. I highly recommend TED -

I tell it which shows I want (How I Met You Mother, Modern Family, US Office, Community, The Big Bang Theory etc…) and once they’re available, it uses my torrent client to download automatically to a folder which is shared on my network using Then, with my DLNA enabled TV’s I just browse to which ever show I want and off I go!

Also, I don’t find most UK adverts very good, but the US ones I’m subjected to when watching the NFL online tend to be more amusing :slight_smile:

I have to be honest, I download everything I watch. I can’t be fussed with TV anymore. I was very happy with my Sky+ for a bit, allowing me to skip ads and so on but there was a bit of fuss about installation here at my new place so I got rid of it (sold it to Zander).

If it wasn’t for downloads I’d buy everything on DVD instead. Can’t stand TV, it just has such an agenda to it “Buy this, watch this, stay tuned, think this way…” Can’t be bothered with it. Same reason why I barely read newspapers.

tv is good for:

live sport

Grand designs

Celebrity juiced

everything else is junk… what was my missus trying to get me to watch? some crap where the guy chooses everything for a wedding as a suprise or something? utter tosh, with only pikeys who clearly took a free wedding as better than nothing anyway

Thanks for the TED tip @<a id=ctl00_ctlContentPlaceHolder_ctl00_ctlTopic_ctlPanelBar_ctlTopicsRepeater_ctl07_hypUsername onmouseover=“window.status = window.location;return true;” onmouseout=“window.status=’’;return true;” href=“”>AndyCr15 - I usually use for my episode stuff but I’ll give that a go…

Otherwise I’m still on Sky+ HD which is fine as I generally record tonnes & ffwd the ads…

Just bin the TV and forget about it:)

thx for the TED link gna give that a go. I usually use TVSCENERELEASE.BLOGSPOT.COM for currently airing shows, as well as for things like films, programmes, TV show season packs, basically the heavy stuff.

some people can’t be arsed to wait 20/40 secs to start free downloads… with VLC if it’s an avi or mkv (basically not a .rar) file you can launch the .part file select “don’t repair Avi index” and “stream” it while it’s downloading (you can’t ffwd but you can pause) it’s a question of preference…

I think torrents are much better technologically speaking, but I am paranoid of UK big brother ID card society that will come bite me if I seed.

yeah i don’t see the point in owning a TV. live football through £6 for 2 months is gggrrrrrrreat value (ad for frosties)

for everything else with sopcast is good enough for the poor student I am ^^

but I totally agree with the original post…

Adverts make me very very angry, they remind me that it is a heartless world we live in, full of corporations (assholes) who want our money.

I don’t watch live tv, despite the carousel of death threats from TV Licensing…Green letter, black letter, red letter, card through the door, green letter, etc.
There really is nothing but shite on TV I don’t know why they think we care about reality TV crap.

I download a 100% of what I watch and stream it via DLNA. Saves hours of time.


+1 love storage wars, and pawn star, and hardcore pawn :smiley:

And here’s me thinking the advert breaks were just there to remind you to go for a pee, make a cup of tea, make the bed, get the cat in, whatever.

I didn’t know you were suppose to watch them.

Why wasn’t I told? Have I missed much?

Adverts are worse on sky, takes ages for football to come on