Been a bit off the LB radar recently.....

One reason was that all my insurance broker’s (One Bike) companies have stopped insuring modified bikes, so been hunting around for a decent quote for the gixxer, luckily I think MCE have sorted me…

The other reason is this:


Congrats :).

aww congrats!!! you look very handsome and wifey aint bad either!

Congrats. What do they say about punching above your weight division. Also, why are you not wearing those bright leathers! Good going and that is the best reason for being off the radar.

Shame you didn’t walk up the aisle in your famous leathers :slight_smile:

Congrats E

my obi-wan of knee down!

how you doing dude!?

congrats on tying the knot mate:D

Congratulations!!! :smiley:

Congratulations! Good reason for being of the radar, we all know that laydeez are more fun than the internet. At what point is it appropriate to mention your hot wife? :cool:

Congrats to you both !

Congrats mate , looks like you both had an amazing day !

As above, congratulations to you both! :slight_smile:

Dude, you’re punchin a bit above your weight there fella! :hehe:
Nah mate, congrats to you both! Hope you’re well chuffed! Good on ya mate!

Congratulations to you both :slight_smile:

Hehe cheers guys, as if punching above my weight - everyone knows the pulling power of white leathers with orange flames!

Things are good, settling down in streatham hill, but will try and get some trackdays in soon, got the taste of the rideout back with the Pooh-sticks run so should be back in there soon!

Congratulations :slight_smile:

Congratulations to you both :slight_smile:

That church looks awesome/v atmospheric too - better than any fuddy duddy stained glass windows affair that I’ve ever been in

Congratulifimications indeeeeed!!!

Nice to see you back on here too.

Congratulations! You appear to have married the lost Middleton sister :wink:

…nice going :slight_smile:

i was going to say, uncanny resemblance! any picture of her back just to make sure? :smiley:

Who are you?

just kidding bud :smiley: congrats to you and your missus fella!