Beeline moto satnav

I like the idea of this.
anyone used or seen one in the wild?

It’s popped up on my Instagram a few times but not seen it in real life.
I wonder how useful a simple arrow would be though? Will it give you enough of a warning to turn?

Seems decent enough and non intrusive

Apologies on resurrection but I’ve just ordered this as opposed to £600 to BMW for their’s, which doesn’t have great reviews tbh! I’ll update once I’ve had a play on it but the customer service from these guys was excellent. I particularly like the compass function which points the way but let’s you take whatever route you want. Perfect for an exploration. Oh and there is your turn by turn routing in case someone asks! “Views from the man cave” has a good video on it but there’s loads on YouTube. Keep you posted.

BMW’s is just a garmin in a frock.

Looking forward to seeing what you make of this one.

I forgot to add that the Beeline can also be used by those of you beloved of the lycra and swapped between steeds. They do sell a cycling specific model but there really seems to be little difference.

I picked one up for some trips to some more random locations. It’s pretty nice. Easy to use, small and not nagging when you take a detour.