Bedford Autodrome


Bedford Autodrome 30.10.2009 £85.00

Anyone fancy a long fast track? :smiley:

mmmmm tempting mark…just lookin at a new steed at the min,will let you no mate :smiley:

Damn, very tempted with this…

last time i heard about this place it had a ridiculous noiuse limit, ie very very low…has this changed?

No it,s always been the same 101db. GSXR1000 with Yoshi cans and cat removed is 99db so no probs. :smiley:

Nuts I have a meeting that day that I cannot get out of… with the weather being all global warmed up this looks like it will be a good one…

Had a nice day here yesterday, the weather held out and the track is interesting enough if a bit flat. It’s quite wide, being designed for cars so is quite fast too. One the back straight I was flat in 5th almost at the limiter on my 600.

MSV usually have the best organised days but there’s two problems with Bedford. Firstly you unload you bike then you have to move your car/van to a car park 10 minutes walk away . . . not really an issue but a pita.

More serious is the noise monitoring system. After the second intermediate/advanced mixed session they told us that Bedford council monitor the noise and will shut the circuit for the day if it’s above a certain level several times in a row . . . they also said that despite the fact our bikes had all passed the static noise test (101db), if the circuit was shut we’d not get a refund ! He said the problem was bikes bunching up near turn 1 and 2 where one of the microphone was.

After lunch we split back into three groups (there were only 5 people in advanced originally) with some redistribution and there didn’t seem to be a problem.

It’s closer and easier to get to than most other circuits, track is reasonable and the MSV people are as usual helpful and jolly but the noise problem is a bit of a risk. If you happen to be there on a day there are more track focused bikes than road legal then you could face having the day cancelled or perhaps split into 4 or 5 groups to keep the noise down.

It’s a bit of a problem for them and anybody who goes there on a bike - there is a risk you pass the static noise test but the day is called off anyway because the council ring up and tell them to call it off . . . and no refund of the cost of the day or your time off work, travel etc.

yes it was a bit of an issue steve but a great day all in all,got up to 176 on that particular strait …:D,not bad for an old man on a 750:P

Good day out did anyone get photo’s? are they available on line?

Cracking new bike Paul. I did enjoy the drag races down the back strait 184Mph on the clock, great fun. :smiley:

I don’t think they will run bikes there again (Shame) :slight_smile:

INteresting, even more disappointing I could not make it! Why would they not run bikes, I guess more people on track means more noise?

I think this was only the second or third bike track day they had held there - probably still evaluating the suitability of the track. On Friday a larger number of people rode there than you’d usually see at Brands or Snetterton for example so the bikes were probably quieter than the usual assortment. If we were triggering the noise system then on an August summer day with more track bikes it’s going to be a nightmare for them.

Alternatively the answer is for TDJ to go a bit faster and stop holding us all up :wink:

yes mark thers some on the photographers web site(
there mainly of the same corner mate :smiley:

saw the pics last night - am so gutted I could not go… hopefully next time… dam work :(Paul - as I recall you did say I could take your new toy out for a few laps!!!:smiley:

lol your more than welcome to kim :smiley:

thats it I have it in writing!!! You cant back out now!

BTW - Chloe is still off limits.


This sounds good can you put it up next time its on.

friday 26 feb £75 :smiley:


It’s not a bad price . . . and they let Triumphs on track too ;):smiley: