Bedford autodrome sat 24 aug, anyone?

Just booked bedford autodrome sat aug 24 into inters…anyone up for it? cummon its a saturday!!!

bit pricey £149, think because its a saturday

HOW MUCH?! :w00t: :w00t:

I’m going the day before for £81 :exclamationmark:

think because its a saturday and superbike magazine i dunno man, i cant get time off in the week its hard for me mate so same if i take holiday really

Ah man!

I’ll just leave this here…;page=3;ct=~MK442YP;sess=#forecast

wtf! when i checked last week it said all good thats why i booked it! ahhhh man might aswell take the scooter up there now

Unluckysaxon (22/08/2013)

Ah man!

I’ll just leave this here…;page=3;ct=~MK442YP;sess=#forecast[/quote]

just cause u cant go u spoiled his fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Jaime (22/08/2013)

I know, right! I’m going tomorrow though, and its supposed to be dry! :hehe: :smiley:

Mate im the same at snetterton!!! Make sure you do the sun dance!!!

Been doing the sun dance all kin day! please god please i went church that time when i could of done a track day only fair i think. SNET 09/10 SEP rix?unluckysaxson?? im booked up inters :slight_smile:

Wow! What a circuit! I Hope you get a dry day, but its not looking good :crying: