Bedford Autodrome, MSV - Road Bike Only Saturday 22nd October - £159

Bit pricey but I think this might be a bit of fun, and it is also on a weekend :slight_smile:

It is only for road bikes but that should mean it is a bit more ‘friendly’ than other trackdays (Although just reading this it says that trailers and vans are not allowed in the pit lane, but guess you could still run the bike from the car park??)

Anyone up for it?

It,s not worth that sort of money. :slight_smile:

Bedford Autodrome

ESP not in october!!! wouldn’t mind doing a road bike only day though, like the idea! evens the playing field a tad!

Yeap think you are right there, have booked up Brands on the 19th :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in the bedford day to do something different - not sure my exhaust will pass though so will try to get it checked first

I’m still undecided about this one, it is an expensive one, so have not booked it yet… I’ll let you know if I do…

I kind fancy this…be tempted to chance a late booking, TD’s in the snow aint that good when its at Brands Hatch (40mins away). Bedford would be a real pain!

Humm, well if you might show your mug, and the other chap joins, then I might come along but agree let’s all leave it until the last minute!!

I’m off to this, so if you see me , this is me…

then say hi!

I also don’t have any leathers, so if anyone has any medium leathers I could borrow that would be AWESOME!!!

B*llox, I was just logging in here to make sure this was this coming wkend!:pinch::blush: Did anyone go/was it good?

Don’t despair, we’re at Brands on Sunday if you fancy it!

isnt the track day on monday?

Err…I knew that:D

I thought the 31st must be a Saturday, I came down to see its Monday :frowning: and now this! :blink: Stop messing with me ‘B’! :smiley: