Bedford Aerodrome 31/05/14 with Focused Events

Any other LBers going to this? And any comments or advice about the track from those of you who’ve ridden there?

Brilliant fast flowing circuit that has no easily identifiable reference points as its so flat. Left hander bias with big sweeping bends where you can carry loads of corner speed.
An epic back straight for 160mph+ bike depending and loads of run off.

  • Take your time to learn it and find your braking markers, turning in points and there may be some cones to show you those.
  • The kerbs are slightly raised, but you can ride over them cranked over, just be slightly off the seat when you do.
  • Be sure to meet their strict 98db limit so take a baffle if you think you might not make it.
  • You’ll need extra fuel and the station isn’t that close.
  • Nice restaurant facilities that are cash only.
  • Almost zero pit garages, so you may be outside
  • The grounds are massive, and their looked like there was a neat little WW2 RAF type museum on site

Cheers hon.

I’ve been to a lot of the bigger circuits - as a spectator, I must add! - and have a vague idea of what the track is like, what facilities are availalble, where the nearest petrol station is and so on. Bedford, however, I haven’t a clue about! I didn’t even realise it existed until a couple of weeks ago :blink:

I’m a complete newbie to this whole trackday malarky and any additional (good) advice is very welcome.

Im keen for this. Not done bedford before.

I’ll be ya pit bitch … tight lycra mankini and brolly in hand …it will put the others off at least !!

I’d like to go, but I dunno if I’m gonna get parts for my bike in time :frowning:

I like the sound of this - including all the left handers, as brands is nearly all right handers. Sadly I am away on the day you are going, but would be very keen to hear more about this particular track and layout and how you got on there :slight_smile: Good luck!

Well it’s already put us off going and make sure there are photos but with Janey in the frame & Tim behind the camera:ermm:

Tim - you have given me mental images that will haunt me for a long time! Please, please, please do not give me a sneak preview in my B+B room the night before; I will be far too traumatised to function afterwards :w00t:.

For a trackday, this one seemed relatively cheap (my favourite price) and on a Saturday, which means I don’t have to ask work for yet another day off. Although I have my extremely competent pet pit biatcht, it would also be really good to see a couple of LBers there to help ease my nerves.

So, how was it?!

Ermmm… If a picture paints a thousand words, I think this sums up my day perfectly:

I’d paid for instruction there, and after basically being told my track riding was sh*t, I was trying to do too many new things at once and slid out on a hair pin that I knew I’d taken far too fast :crying:. And I’d only done half the day!!! Grrr.

It certainly hasn’t put me off doing more trackdays and improving my riding, but I think I’ll be looking for a dedicated track bike and leave my ever so expensive to repair 675 at home. Or maybe not :smiley:

Oh dear… Sorry to hear/see this :crying:

Which corner was it? The one before the huge straight?

Focused Events… Why do your comments seem to come as no surprise :angry:

Seriously do not let this deter ya. Trackdays are risky, so a van and a bike you don’t require daily are the only way these days. My bike still isn’t ready a month since my off, so it does happen to anyone. Its no big deal, as long as you are ok?

Ouch, gentle hugs Janey

Take a deep breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again :wink:

It was the first corner after the pits, the one I managed to get wrong pretty much every time! They weren’t lying when they said that there wasn’t a lot of grip on the track, either :w00t:

Other than the huge dent in my pride and the financial implications, I’m absolutely fine, although I must admit I did have a few snivelly moments afterwards. What also upset me though, was that my ‘instructor’ made no effort to come and see how I was afterwards and when we eventually left the track after lunch, he still hadn’t bothered. So much for customer care, huh?

Ah, thats the one with the trackside noise detector.

Yes, TDO’s seem to be this way across the board. Ultimately, they want your money and thats about it. No Limits are better than FE, but not by much. The MO is exactly the same.

Ah, its a pain financially for sure, but EVERYONE falls off, and when you’re challenging yourself on track, the limit is a lot closer. I’d see it like this; your trumpet has been marked. Its now your track bike, so patch her up and crack on. Get a roadbike to your normal stuff, and if you still want the trumpet roadgoing, keep it as such. Its a machine and replaceable; not as precious as you after all :slight_smile:

how long until you are back do you think Rory?

Got any planned?

I’m being a bit lazy to be honest, Neil. The weather isn’t the greatest and I’m concentrating on getting my mechanics course cracked. I’ve changed a few bent and broken things and I ran it yesterday and that went fine. I’m sticking my fairing back on tomorrow, so should be no more than another fortnight due to work and stuff. Yourself?

Awww, thanks hon. I’ll collect on them when the Trumph is patched up and I see you at the next rideout. I can’t wait to get back out riding it - if it hadn’t been to thoroughly fubar’d, I would’ve carried on with the rest of the afternoon’s trackday seesions!

Haha, don’t think that hasn’t already gone through my mind! It’d make the muts track bike: it rides so much better at the higher end of the rev range and accelerating hard :D. Sadly, my sensible head keeps on reminding me that I can only afford the one bike at the moment, and having a road bike has to take priority.

But that may change… As I’ve already started looking at more trackdays (although I’m more tempted by the dedicated novice and road bike days now)! Addictive, isn’t it :w00t:?!?

Certainly is! I’d absolutely recommend piling on the most crash protection you can, then. GB Racing do some great engine covers that would limit or totally prevent a split case that you have. A bit late now, I know but one for the future