Bedford - 23rd April

Booked into Bedford aerodrome on the 23rd April, a nice easy (and close) one to kick off 2013.

myself and a group of local lads are in Inters / Fast, think it was £69, weather looks like it is hotting up and it is my birthday so I might bring some doughnuts!

Hmm was slightly aprihensive about Bedford, as its a aerodome track thought it would be crap, whilst it was a little featurless for £69 it was a bargin and it was my birthday!

Track itsself wasn’t that bad, with a maaaaaasive straight, and some nice technical bits (chicaines, left / rights) and a couple of sweepers :), only downside is no ups and downs.

Weather was fab, just the right temperature, my head is red (I forgot I am bald!)

To top it all off, I managed to get both knees down for the first time :slight_smile: (allthough I still seem to be rotating around the tank a bit in the first one)

Nice pics !

nice one keep looking at Bedford…you think it be ok on the XX ?

when did you get the ZXR ? thats my job this year get mine running as a track bike

Yeh you will be fine on the XX Steve, there was a number of different model of bikes (was well impressed with how you were chucking your 'bird around Silverstone!)

Got the ZXR last year as I didnt want to risk the 'blade on track, want to dump it and get a R6, it’s a bit heavy and slow :frowning:

Mate of mine was on that TD, what group were you in, he was in Inters and took some video.

I was in inters too!! I have some vids ill post the links, what was he riding?

nice pic! and looks like a beautiful day!

A smurf blue CBR 600 (I think)