just wonderd if any of you used to go to BECTON anyone one rember alex the bloak with the r6 what a rider … some one told me stapells corner was just as good one a friday what time dose it start ?

Columbian Alex? Yeah, we know him well. Great rider. Staples Corner was the new stunt meet after Beckton was shut-down last summer, but Staples Corner has now fallen victim to the Police heavy-handed approach and people have been asked not to come back again. I’m not sure if it’s detered anyone though.

I think there’s a group scouting for a new venue, but if you want to try Staples Corner this Friday, come down to Soho (Frith Street) first about 10pm onwards, and people go to Staples after mid-night when the restaurant there shuts up.

thanks for the info … shame cos its good to wath people who are good on there bikes …