She’s Colombian of Lebanese descent. Lebanese girls are hot. . . ;):smiley:

I grew up in the middle east and always loved Lebanese women! :slight_smile:

Very pretty girls :smiley:

luvvly jubbly:D

Hubba Hubba.

Shakira is no doubt drop dead gorgeous – I’m no dance expert, but some of those moves are more comical than sexy??:smiley:

She must be flexible in bed :slight_smile:

Great song and a Stunner , watching that video makes me angry tho lol

I wouldn’t kick her out of bed if she farted…:smiley:

I goggled ‘Sharika’ and got this:

Which one’s her?

That seems to be your usual response, so who would you kick out of bed then? :smiley:

Why’d it make you angry?

Need a new search engine mate!

Makes me angry because I can’t have her :crying: why can’t we live back in the stone age and drag women back to the caves :smiley:

Bang one out or have a cold shower and you’ll feel nice and calm again. :smiley:

Thanks Ninja for the advice lol

always works for me when i’m feeling ‘frustrated’. . . ;):smiley:

ok the first bit is lovely and i think Shakira is very beautiful and has lots of talent

but :smiley:


i mean the first bit she is a wolf and the rest of it, seems like she is acting like meat?

well you are what you eat, I suppose…

anyway, no real connection between wolves and 90% of that video…

Yeah I agree, but you have to admit, she is very bendy. . . :smiley: