Beautiful Weather at Silverston Today...

Bin it in the first session that’s what…D’oh!!! :doze:When too hot into coppice front end washed out and bike down…Something hit my leg (i guess that was my bike) and it was bloody painful, so had to go to A&E and get it X-Rayed but all checked out, just big brusing and no fracture, which was lucky…

Damage to bike on first inspection, clutch cover, brake lever, and right footpeg and brake lever…not too bad, could have been worse.

Was going really well tho and was enjoying it, jsut got a little too hot headed…note to self for next time!!Big thanks to adz for putting the bike in the van and back to london.

Ouch :pinch:

Made even worse by the fact it happened in the first session :wink:


glad to hear youre ok :slight_smile: better work up to it next time :wink:

silverstone’s a fun circuit - though Ive only ever done an amended club national circuit - Im guessing you were prolly doing the full national or GP?

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGGGE garages! And a few that you can see your face in the floor in - they have polished marble-style tiles! Lol…

yeah - was the full GP - and love those pit garages as well, you drop a bolt and you can find it very easy… :slight_smile:

yeah my own fault really, was up on some traffic and wanted to get past it, should have just stayed at thew back of it and ended the session…oh well live and learn… :slight_smile:

Glad to hear nothings broken Elad, when I dig the camera out from under all the gear I’ll post up the few pics I managed to get of you. We left at lunch time, the bikes still not running right so it’s going to the Dr’s :smiley:

Good to see everyone there today, great bunch :slight_smile:

Thanks Ang, you get any pics of the crash or just other ones?

Sorry to hear about the bike… hope the Dr can sort it!

Unlucky mate, but glad you didn’t get hurt…This happened to me…er…recently :Whistling: and made me think that I’ll just go into the top group from now on, and not worry about everyone blasting past me.I still probably need to chill out more than I am sometimes though…It’s not a bloody race :rolleyes:It wasn’t on the Thundercat though right?

just back from a wicked day - well except from Elad’s off that is (glad to hear you checked out ok hun)

thanks to all for being good company, to Paul for bringing our chill out chairs, and especially to B for some help with the bike and handy tips throughout the day!

THis was on the ZX6R, which bounced pretty well considering the speed, got the thundercat still at home, so have transport at least!

Glad to see your ok, you looked like you where in pain earlier.

Great day apart from Elad’s little adveenture, glad it’s nothing serious Ian. Have got a spare brembo brake lever you can have, got two spare with my track bike. Nice to see everybody else too, best way to do a track day :slight_smile:

I’ll definately be in intermediate next time, was being held up too many times, reminds me of what I was like last year :w00t: The bike performed perfectly and only had one off track moment at Stowe, over the grass, some gravel which I thought was going to throw me off then more gass and finally tarmac again. The briefing chap said that everybody underestimates their speed at Silverstone and he’s right, there are very few points of reference and hardly anything to give your brain a clue about how fast you’re going, took all day to get a handle on the track and some reasonable lines.

Thanks to B for some useful tips as always :slight_smile:

We got all 16 images from the trackday tog of your off Ian mmmmmmmwhahaha! :hehe:

Good to see you survived that pretty much unscathed. Great day, what is impressive is the panoramic view - & the sheer space of it all…well, that is until you hit the little chicane before the straight, that reminds me more of something you might do your cycling proficiency test on.

m8 glad to hear you didn`t break anything(besides your bike:P). i got bumped up to the fast group m8:P;):smiley:

i had drama on the way home with the van. and no i didnt put unleaded in it instead of deisel. the vale on the n/s/f wheel busted about 5 miles away from the track. thought wed be ok as i had a spare in the back… oh how wrong was i… that had a puncher that had be badley repaired and had no pressure in it wat so ever… me and arni spent 1 1/2 hours ringing aroungd tyring to find sum1 to come out and replace the tyre. finally got through to sum1 that could help. and they said it was a two hour wait and id haveto pay £180 -£210. i though **** that so i got the bike out of the bk of the van and shot off to the nearest petrol staition. only had 5 tins of tyre weld in stock so i too all of them then proceeded bk to the van and break neck speeds. put in 2 can into the punchered tyre and drove the van bk to the same petrol station to top it up with sum more air.. on the motorway i kept it to sub 60mph(that felt soooooooooooo slow:() dropeed arni off @ about 10pm i got home @ 1130pm... im knackered

i`l sort out my footage tomorrow and post it up

ARNIE!!! you numbty you left your pics cd in the van

Heard the news from Mel at BMM tonight, glad you are OK Ian:cool:Nice one Adz for the recovery:)Afro you are slipping mate… You never asked the “T” question;):smiley:

Just woke up as I left these uploading, it takes ages… just click the link above and pinch what you want from there.

Excellent, would love to see the crash pics! post em up please :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about your difficulties getting home Frogga…and nice one on being moved up!

thanks for all the support guys…and will take you up on the lever Steve, you got a PM :slight_smile: Nice pics Ang.

Leg is healing OK, hobbling on it now, but maybe the worst will come in the next couple of days…

Some great trackday garage shots there!

Firstly, Glad you escaped pretty much unhurt Elad, that was a quick stack you had at turn one. Testament to how safe the track is, there’s so much run off. An expensive and painful lesson learned mate!

My day started off feeling very tired. Didn’t get much sleep with dogs barking, cars racing down the country lanes then a pissed up guy coming back to the b&b falling about and as there was glass above the doors the whole room lit up when he put the tv on. I should have gone to the travel lodge with Arnie:cool:

I had a really good day, absolutely knackered though! I’ll be checking out the on board footage soon and will see what I can find.

Good to see Martinn out spectating after his road accident, see you out on track when you’re better;) Must have been painful watching everone else but don’t worry, we’ll get out on track later in the year;)

I must say well done to my mate Mick g who was only on his second trackday on his Firestorm and had never been to Silverstone before. Fast, safe and didn’t look like you were trying:cool:

Ricky…congrats on getting your knee down! I thought you’d won the lottery when you were dancing round the garage:D

Adz, you showed you had plenty in reserve when Frogga and Nuts came out to play, not overdoing the lean angle as before;) but much better use of throttle control and use of all the track. I was having to scream my 600 to keep up on the straights. Looking safe out there Nuts, even if you did have the odd slide.

Hadn’t seen Fridayman & Ness for a while, good to see you, I think the last time was at Silverstone too.

Frogga, still improving fast and with your enthusiasm you’ll soon be numero uno. I thought you were fearless until you came in and held out your shaking hand. You definitely do try hard out on track, but it will come together mate so don’t try too hard:cool:

Unlucky Mark with the mechanical problems on your bike but at least Ang got some nice pics there. Your engine did sound sweet so fingers crossed it’s it’s only something minor wrong.

Who else was out there…Phond, Chrisd, nice to meet you. Not to forget Arnie, steadily improving and one of the few to go out in the last session and then screaming with joy afterwards as all he learnt came together on track:cool:

Cheers all for a good day out!

great day, set my PB time in the last session thanks to a clear track, and even saved a high side coming out of the bus stop.

will have to try and link up with you guys again sometime.

cant believe im back at work though, its so depressing :frowning: