Beautiful Sunday Morning ---- You Lucky People..

I’m working… :crying:

What a waste of a fantastic clear blue skyed day…

Have fun (I know you will) :smiley:

I’d imagine that the Cafe Racer would have meant that you get to work and enjoy the weather

morning all

I did but not on a bike unfortunately :crying:

:slight_smile: People talking that I may be able to taste your beverage on comming Saturday. Looking forward to it.

And I think your choice of profession now will demand your work over weekends :slight_smile:


ps. don’t know how official is that so trying to be mysterious

Hey Mr Evil B.!

You talking about a certain bile accessory shop nor a million miles from Gants Hill??? :slight_smile:

Just finalising the details - should be a goer all thanks to Mr Ratty…

Be a great fun day I hope - stay tuned for details! :smiley:

Yes - the days when I got up before dawn, got suited up an was in Portsmouth/Brighton/Southend by breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday are truely limited …

Still I’ve got sunny Mondays now - not quite the same as there are too many grumpy commuters in cars about.

Can’t believe we now have a mobile coffee dispenser on the site!! Awesome.

We’ve been networking on your behalf too.

We’ll be in touch Triang :slight_smile:

Well thanks Andrew!