Beaulieu - 26th June 2011

Straight ride there, leaving basildon at 6am with another pick up point at clacket Lane services at 7am, breakfast stop on-route, through the new forest and arrive at 10am to get parked for the day.

Should be leaving beaulieu at 5pm with a twisty route back through the villages on the famous A272.

It is down near the Isle of Wight not far from the coast, Hampshire way, about 100 miles from East London, probably more like 80 from southside.

No need to worry, I am not leading this ride-out :stuck_out_tongue:

Friend is leading, said I would post it up for him, so will actually arrive at your destination! :w00t:. I am not 100% sure I am going yet because it is the same day Rixxy is riding down to Dover, but said I would post up in case anyone was wanting to go, depending on when Rixxy actually buggers off out of the country, might do a little ride down the coast and pick up this ride on the way back.

Cheers Steve,

got about Ten of us so far leaving Essex so its no problem if anyone wants to join on-route which is why i said Clacket lane services as another pick-up as easy to find and going past anyway.

Was a great cheap day out last year and really enjoyed it. Let me know if anyone is interested so i can plan to meet. will stick some pics up later from last year.


Hi Guys, it sounds very interesting, where could i meet up with you guys if I come from North city of London?

Hi Fella, your more than welcome to join us. I would say you may be best to meet at Clacket Lane services on M25 clockwise side by the fuel station which i’m hoping to be at about 7am, you wont miss us and we can wait for you if I know your coming We are leaving the M25 at junction 9 but it would not be that safe to hang there for too long in case we run late. The route we are taking there is :

But let me know the place for you, or anyone else who wants to tie up.

The route back is something like this :

But peeps can leave whenever they like.

If anyone does want to join, let me know and i will message you my mobile.


Here’s a few pics of last year.

cheers guys, i have a maraton on Saturday, will let you know if im coming! cheers

Just a reminder if anyone else wants to go i should be at clacket lane fuel station on clockwise side M25 at 7am. please be fuelled ready to go.

The weather looks promising for sunday. FYI there is a helmet bus on site and take some trainers as the walking about will kill ya feet.:wink:

Don’t forget to PM me your coming and i can give you my mobile so if late i will wait for you.:smiley: