Beaten off the lights - by a CAR !

Saturday early morning, riding down the Brompton Road I see a car zipping in and out of traffic and accelerating hard - curious, I knocked down a gear and caught up with what I thought at first was a kit car - very low to the ground, open cockpit and the guy is wearing a crash helmet.

As he had a lid I felt a nod was in order, so we exchange nods and meet him at the lights wondering if he’s up for it. The lights go and boom, I’m leaning over the front to keep 177Bhp down (just dyno’d) and out of the corner of my eye I see this thing undertake just as I click into 2nd he takes the lead. We did this about 4 times and he was there every time. As soon as we got on to the M4 straight he was a dot, but that thing was fast and hammered me around corners.

I later discovered that car in question was an Ariel Atom. Anyone else seen one ?

What one of these mother fu©kers?

Think they have rover engines??

177 on your BKing? Is that crank or wheel?

I see it on top gear, they are rapid!

Jc reckons its better than a bike!

wah! that looks mean!!!
i’d like to see him race ghostrider on his turbo busa:cool:

Nice car, remind me a F1 car.

That’s it - they are AWESOME and I don’t get excited about cars. Double power to weight of a Bugati Veyron (and about £800,000 cheaper).

177.7 Bhp at the wheel now - has been into Big CC racing for some work (Power commander, had the air intakes drilled, new pipes, etc).

Still got nailed by a car though.

Sorry this is in the wrong section but I found the Top Gear episode that Curtis referred to;

Those things are awesome, yeap probably would get taken by one of them, more grip more power to overcome the not so much more weight…

I was only saying this weekend that I would have one in a heartbeat. Sooooooo fast! They are known for behaving like a bike but s sturdy as a car.

Anyone fancy buying me an early birthday pressie? Purlease…

Move along people… nothing to see here. BIKE forum. Lets not start talking about jam jars again… :doze:

2L Honda Civic Type R engine ITYWF

we do have an LB member with an Arial Atom. The guy who does the embroidery - sorry mate can’t remember your nickname;)

your b-king prob weighs more, lol.

Would be interesting to see one of these head to head with a KTM X-Bow…

had exactly the same thing happen to me on the R1,left me up to about 40mph when I started to catch him, they can put down so much power real useable power, 0-60 in undeer 3 seconds with the 320 bhp honda engine…wow…5 month waiting list…neighbour had one and we went out in a bit…the noise of the ram air induction mouth deafens you even in a helmet, wear ear plugs…bloody painful…more noisy than any bike I have ever ridden.

very nice car!

Yeah you can’t deny that as cars go it looks fun. But that really annoyed me on top gear when clarckson used it to lay into bikes - & it was unfair when they raced it against a bike, using a cbr 600.

not to mention it looked like the weather was a bit shitty

ah give clarkson a break he only hates bikes becasue he cant ride one and doesnt have the skill or guts to try…think he said he tried it once and scared himself to death…never again. hes a poor incompetant fool but hes a good guy really…and he has had a hard time making it to where he is…would not mind his job for sure…

the reason he cant/dont ride bikes is cos they dont make crash helmets for his MASSIVE head:D