beat boxer

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Like me after a cup of fruit tea.:hehe:

looks like a pre-beard beardyman to me, though i could be wrong

My dog`s got no nose.

how does he smell

sorry couldn’t resist


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Gwyn Thomas goes to the doctors, saying “I’ve got terrible constipation”

Doctor - “What do you eat?”

Gwyn - "Well I have a full breakfast before I go down the mine, a pasty round about 10.30, then whatever my wife has packed for lunch around 12.00. 2.00 pm we stop for a sandwich, then 4.00 pm we have a big fat cake. 6.00 pm we get out of the mine, go to the pub, have 2 pies, 8 pints of bitter, then home and the missus has cooked up a lovely dinner, mashed potatoes, beans, cabbage, steak and gravy, mushrooms, lamb shanks, carrots, parsmips, and half a chicken. A bit of apple crumble and custard for pudding.

Then round about 10.00 pm we have supper, cheese, pickle, Welsh cakes, lardy bread, fruit cake and a gallon of tea.

About 5.00 am I wake up feeling hungry, with the thought of work ahead so I have a bit of cheese on toast as a warm-up to breakfast, with an Actimel.

The missus cooks me a full beakfast with 3 fried eggs, bacon, sausage, black pudding, baked beans, mushrooms, fried bread"

Doctor - " Well Mr Thomas, I think I see what the problem is, you’ve only got one asshole"

wahahahhahahaha. didn’t see that one coming!:laugh::smiley:

rofl excellent, TOTALLY unexpected ending :slight_smile: