Beast alert

Officially a biker again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::motorcycle:


Sweet ride. Change the can! :smile:

It’s on the list @Kevsta :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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Very nice :+1:

Very nice! Enjoy the new toy.

But @Jay must be furious with posting messy photos*… That tub of polyfilla and that misplaced label need a home :stuck_out_tongue:

*Either that or jay is now in trouble for leaving things out… :joy:

Nice garage, can’t see it properly, something in the way!

Going to be nice in the morning, perfect for a ride out on the new toy.

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Very nice but filling the garage up like that will mean the other stuff may have to stay in the house a bit longer

Everything has been unceremoniously dumped in the garage, so now balancing ride time with garage tidying!!

So have you learnt how to use power phrases or is that a sidestand puck ?

Nice! Enjoy

Lol. Yep temp puck!!

That’s a good looking toy @pricetta.

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Happy face!


Time to start planning trips and adventures for when the grown-ups let us out to play!

In the meantime a ride for ‘essential’ coffee will suffice.

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Yep! Already got a couple of ideas brewing. One for the bike, one for the car.

Bike: Portugal down to Portimao and do a trackday.

Car: Drive to the Arctic.

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I’ve been toying with riding to the Arctic for a couple of years. Researching routes etc, seems it best to go up through Sweden, and come back down the coast of Norway.

Might look at doing it next year.

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That’s our current thinking as well actually. We considered ferries but they are slow and expensive. When you have more than one driver then it’s not so bad to drive it all.

Surely you’ll just stick it on Autopilot?

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There used to be a ferry from Newcastle to Stavanger but that was discontinued. The choices are Ferry from Harwich to Amsterdam or taking the Tunnel. Which is a shame.

Yes, definitely. Whilst it massively helps reduce driver fatigue, it doesn’t completely eliminate it so driving time is still a consideration. With two drivers though it’s easy enough to swap every couple of hours.