Bearing Gloves Size 10 (Large Approx)

I have here a set of Bearing Gloves in size 10 which is approximately large. These gloves are in great condition because when I started riding out I figured I may need more protection than these deliver should I slide down the road. So the stats:

36% Goat Skin

9% Cow Leather

47% Polyester

8% Nylon

So there you have it. Shoud you crash 45% of your hands (the Goat Skin and Cow Leather covered parts) will be fine and the rest will be a mess of polyester, nylon and flesh. If that sounds good to you PM me and you can collect from SW7. If you want to pay some money, then that’s even better news.

I could recommend these gloves but then I’d loose my honour among London bikers.