Beachy Head

Had a nice ride-out today.

Went Blackwall Tunnel - A2 - M25 - A226 to Sevenoaks - A21 and got fed up with that and turned off at Lamberhurst. Then happy joy down the back roads to Wadhurst - Stonegate - Burwash Common - Brightling - Catsfield - Bexhill-on-Sea and the best 99 in the business at the kiosk just west of the pavilion. Then Pevensey Bay - along the promenade at Eastbourne - Beachy Head.

Beachy Head is brilliant on a sunny day, really good pub of the same name serving good food at reasonable prices and the road there is good fun too. I hadn’t been there for yonks and had forgotten how nice it is, a lovely place with good fresh air and great views.

Came home via Seaford - Lewes - A26 - A22 then over Ashdown Forest through Hartfield and up to see my old dad in Edenbridge, then the usual route home.

About 190 miles in all, cracking weather too. The back roads were well worthwhile and every pub down there was called the “White Hart” lol. I’m :smiley: :smiley: now.

Sounds wicked - let’s do it one weekend with the mob :smiley:

You do get about a bit on the trike :cool:very cool Q

You’re right, 7WW, it is a lovely place on a sunny day. A few of us ended up there after Giuliano’s ride-out to Brighton (we are stilll sorry Triskie did not get an ice cream)

It is definitely a place to avoid on windy days however, especially for smaller bikes. We went there one “breezy” Sunday and felt as if the bike (with 2 on) was going to be blown over the edge:w00t:

Sounds like you had a lovely day.

Greetings from Kabul Mental Hospital.

All this talk of bike rides is making me a little jealous. However, Beachy Head brings to mind a little ditty my dad taught me:

As we walked over Beachy Head
my Uncle William kindly said
he’d left his property to me.
It was a wild and stormy sea
and Uncle William couldn’t swim.
Shortsighted, don’t you think, of him?

Enjoy your rides folks and I look forward to many when i return.:):slight_smile: