Beachy Head Ride

Gals and guys,

I’m organizing a ride to Beachy Head (between Brighton and Eastbourne), so I can finally show the lucky ones how brilliant the roads are around that area.

The list so far [13 people, 12 bikes]:

Alex Gold
Jetstream & Julie
Gabe & Pillion

Suzukisi possibly joining on the way South

Plan is to have a nice breakfast at Ace around 9ish and then cross London.
L platers might find the pace to be a bit too fast and as I’m not expecting a huge group, we’re not going to use the cornerman system (not that it would work anyways :P)! But if you feel like coming, you are more than welcome, as I’m sure we can manage to stay in one group!

Plan, which incorporates a couple routes of


This is a whole day’s riding with the mileage just over 210. We will stop for petrol and a NICE lunch at the seaside (and by NICE I mean NOT chips :D).

As an offer, I would like to have an unusual activity on this ride
I’m thinking about stopping around Beachy Head (as the scenery is beautiful) in a tight corner, and to take a picture of everyone while being in a tight corner leaning the bike. It shouldn’t take an awful lot of time and I’m definitely sure, everyone wants a pic of themselves on the bike in a corner. Or is it just me?!







Come on people, you won’t regret it :smiley:

Sounds fun but I will be in Edinburgh running part of the marathon for charity.

see you there Gabe …

Topbox and shorts FTW!

Hi Gabe.

Trying to see if can arrange to go as this looks a great area for roads and we had such on the one to Rye.

Might be me and Ali or just me, Ali little bit concerned about slowing things down (I thought she did well) and she really enjoyed the last one.

Hopefully we can stay together to the end this time.

I’ll bring the wrist band. And I’d be glad to have her slowing things down so I don’t nearly kill myself again…

Actually, on that second pic, I can see myself sliding off on that corner and straight over the cliff…

Third edit, after seeing map…looks like Box on the way back then!

Will this be at a sedate pace? Will Julie be at peace with the road or a little scared? We are quite elderly but like riding with young folk as long as we don`t get in the way. Eastbourne is so divine. :slight_smile:

Jetstream is being far too modest but I suspect this wont be a balls out seat of the pants blast as all unsundry are welcome. Buckets and spades are optional:D

Hmm, I just bought a cargo net, I can fit a bit more on my bike now…

Do we have to be committed now or can we just rock up at the Ace if we fancy it?:smiley:

I would’ve been keen for this but for the fact I’m away for the weekend at a wedding.

Enjoy the ride!

See you on the next one.

There was talk of having you committed when we saw the gravel-covered horse tracks around Shaw’s corner!

…but I’d imagine turning up on the day would be fine.

Hey,I put you both on the list as I think she is a great rider, and definitely has to be there if poss.! :wink:

I would imagine so, but I will put you on the list as a little reminder :wink:

keith-17 (27/05/2009)

see you there Gabe …[/quote]

Hey Keith,

Is this the same route, or are you guys taking a different one?

Sad to hear that, but I’m sure you will have a nice wedding party! Can we go too?! :w00t::smiley:

You say you are planning to have breakfast at the Ace at 9-ish.

What time are you actually leaving there?