Be wary of vehicle ramps that rise out of the ground

I was visiting a site today and the area I needed to get into is protected by one of those ramps that rise out of the ground to stop unwanted access.

Normally I just roll up, push the buzzer, speak to the woman and she drops the ramp to let me in. However, today the ramp was already down when I arrived and the green light was on which meant I could go through - anyway as I rode over the ramp the flippin’ thing popped out of the ground and almost sent me flying…thankfully I managed to control the bike and there is just a bit of a scratch to the underside of one half of the fairings. Shame I didn’t manage to style it up…just looked like a right pillock instead!

Got my heart going thaths for sure…guess the moral of the story is; if you have to cross these type of barriers, be 100% sure its OK to proceed before you ride over them!

Blimey!! Glad you are okay anyway and no damage done. Another hazard to look out for!!

im hoping this was not on a desmo???

My head office has a big round pillar one, its shockingly deadly. I swear the old guy behind the security desk raises it quickly for giggles because we had a ‘little run in’ on my first visit to HO the other week :smiley:

Battered up ninja I’m afraid :frowning: