be safe be seen

As the weather gets wetter i don my black Winter jacket which nicely matches my black trousers.

Not exactly doing much to highlight myself on those dark evenings

Any suggestions as i was thinking of getting a rucksack cover


Well I’d say anything helps, but seeing as the vast majority of bike accidents involving other vehicles is due to the other vehicle pulling out in front of the bike, don’t see how a rucksack cover is gonna help there !

Hi viz jacket/waistcoat would probably be best.

My Hi-Viz w’coat went on a couple of weeks ago. Feel a bit overdressed when I pop out to buy a lunchtime sarnie, but I’ve already noticed how much more I’m being noticed on the road, so it must be a good thing.

Anything hi-viz will help. In my experience any reflective material will assist in the general public seeing you. Even a reflective armband can be enough to make you stand out. Unfortunately reflective tape isn’t very funky so most riders are against covering their bike in it but it is worth putting a few strips on the fairings, top box paniers etc. There are too many drivers that apperar to be oblivious of most bikers and every little thing that you can do to make yourself stand out will help. Quite a few drivers have problems seeing our vans so they will never see a bike!!!

Anything will help…though I still think your best defense is a good “offense”…that is, never assume that anyone in a cage sees you…in fact, assume that they DON’T see you…and have an evasion plan in mind when you are near them.We lost a biker here in Wichita the day before yesterday…he was riding down the road at highway speed and someone in a pickup truck made a left turn across his path. He died at the scene. :frowning:



I just received this

in the post yesterday - dont really like the Yellow HighViz (I like to stand out more )

ordered from also ride with my main beam on. even if i annoy people as you need to be seen to annoy :wink:

I don’t agree with riding with full beam on - having been in a car with people (bikes and other cars) coming towards me or from behind with high beam on, I end up getting dazzled then afterwards can’t see properly, like after a camera flash has gone off. Wouldn’t be good if I hit someone as a result of not seeing them after being dazzled by someone else!

suppose thats the flip side of the coin…

Also if you’re in a car and a bike is approaching from behind with main beam on, it’s pretty much impossible to see how far away the bike is . . . so be careful if you overtake them or they are turning right or even just moving lane, they won’t have a clue how close you are.

hmm ok might stop doing that from now on…

I saw these high viz vests once with flashing lights on it, looked well cool.

Jay and Foxy tested some hi-viz stuff a short while ago didn’t they?

Personally, I think it’s a bad idea to assume that people are going to see you, no matter what you are wearing. I wear black … I am invisible!

Bad idea to assume anyone is going to see you. Good idea to give them a better chance of seeing you.

Yeah, fair play!!

Heres the link to the article

I actually brought the black and orange one, which i wear when riding at night usually, and it folds up to fit under my seat too

but in most case they have spotted you especially when filtering and as long as you are snesible with your speed you should be good to go…we all know cars dont see us and those people who keep looking in their mirrrors to see what is coming may be partially blinded if they linger too long but in traffic i am sure there is little fact that it causes a problem…be seen be safe…must gte hi vis vest asap…saturday