Be interesting to see his renewal quote....


I suppose all the other people who have policies on the same insurance will see their premiums rise at renewal time so they can make back the 910k spent on fixing the car that some berk smashed up because he couldnt drive responsibly…

…indeed some berk who could well have afforded to have it repaired himself without the need to go to the insurers.

what I would like to know is how much has he paid in insurance in the 13 years he’s owned the car? I would think that probably amounts to quite a chunk of money as well

You don’t make money spending your own money.

Plus his premiums are probably not £300 a year… :smiley:

That’s probably a tiny fraction of what the industry pays out on injury claims alone every year, most of which claimed by knobbers, so I don’t know what people complain about.
The man paid his moneys to be insured, and I’m sure he rather not have crashed the car.

Good on him for using an amazing car for what it was designed to do.

What? Crashing? Hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

i love the fact he has a 3.5 million pound car that he uses regularly.

Good luck to him, thats what insurance is for isn’t it? he paid his premiums, he gets the service, simple.

Truly shocking is that he is ‘worth’ £71 million.

This is a staggering 100 times more than qualifiers for the top 1% in the UK.

He was funny as spiderman trying to have a pee in Not the Nine O’Clock News but ffs…

What is it with paying entertainers such obscene amounts…where does it end…

What, Blackadder wasn’t funny? :blink:

Yeah okay Blackadder series one and three were quite funny but not £71 million funny. :slight_smile:

I dont thinkall his money comes purely from being ‘talent’ on the telly. The guy is an oxbridge educated businessman, who happens to also be a very funny comic actor.

Absolutely right! Same clan as Fry and Laurie. How many accountants and financial guru’s must they know during their days?

I think you’ll find that was Kenny Everett.

For me the classic Rowan Atkinson Not the Nine O’Clock News sketch is the hi-fi shop :laugh: