Be honest girls . . .

Would you fall for it??



can i have that job please, sheri, and debz step forwards, ooh and keti…

Hang on a minute . . . how come you wanna apply mister??

didnt you know im obsessed with boobs, well so im told…

After having several mamograms i’d prefer “his” version than the real thing…believe me they hurt your boobs for days afterward

why what do they do to them?


I can confirm our Westie is as obsessed, if not more obsessed with big breasts. I’m sure Debz can also confirm, lol

I MAY BAT FOR THE OTHER SIDE BUT THERES NOTHING LIKE A SET OF MASSIVE TITS, sorry im shouting!, i do like a good sqeeze

Cant disagree . . . Hooters do rock . . . as long as they’re nice & natural I dont care how big

Na, nice wee pert one rock (or not as the case may be, more a sort of jiggle).

Can’t be doing with the ones that hide in armpits when a lady lies down for you.




Yeah, but without the gravel rash!

Westie what`s wrong with my man boobs.

Eeeeeee that’s good

Here here!!!

lol thats funny. I would full for it if the guy was much better looking