Be Gentle

Hello hello hello. Stumbled across this site completely by accident when looking for pics of the recent GB GP and saw some very behind the scenes pictures, very impressive.

Have been biking for a few years, had a bad acident a few years back, and much to “errrr in door’s” dissapointment, I return to biking quite quickly.

Have been a solo rider for much of this time, not really knowing where to go to meet other like minded indiviuals, or having the time.

Recently joined a bike club in essex (not sure whether I can supply the name, so if you want to know, drop me a mail) and hopefully, will provide me with further experience and enjoyment.

My first bike was a GPZ500s, and I have now moved into bike bike territory, and am thoroughly enjoying the additional performance… within the legal limit of course.

I work in london (near liverpool street) and occasionally ride in. Live in essex (near grays).

Am new to here, so… be gentle.


Hello and welcome to LB mate. Now this is the gentle welcome, just wait for the poke you will get from the newbie stick.

Have been reading through some other newbie threads, this newbie stick sounds like it could hurt!

Welcome mate, from another Andrew (but not really an Andy tho)

The stick? Nah apparently it just tickles.

Get your ride up in the Picture section under member’s rides and we’ll ‘oo’ and ‘ah’ at it.

Photo’s are lacking at the minute, I only recently bought my steed.

My next ride will hopefullyi nvolve the transportation of a camera.

Shall post a pic taken with my camera phone.

Must ask, you normall see sky blue sv’s being ridden abount, mine is like an aqua marine colour, and have still to see another one like it.

Hiya… im newbie too… and still waiting to be ‘poked in person’

Welcome you all! lol

Howdy loopyloo.

I haven’t been “poked” yet… but sounds like an interesting experience.

An essex lass I see too.

What’s your ride?



Cough … splutter … coffee over the keyboard !

Lol, I’m sure your time will come LoopyLoo !

Welcome to the site Andrew, you’ll like it here mate, all a top bunch/

Cheers Trojan,

Am considering a visit to this cubana night thingy.

I am an essex lass, from Chigwell,Essex, have not got my own ride at the moment so im usually sitting on the back of someone else’s ride (if they let me )

working in london? Come find me… am considering this cubana night on wednesday. Ever been?

Two newbies first cubana experience?

I am so sorry was working - have to pay for the toys

so here goes…

poke poke with the newbie stick…

enjoy it…


cubana is fun so get there!!!

oh and btw (whispering in your ear) u have to offer virtual drinks or DA may hit u with his crutches…

so can i have a very cold mojito pleez!!!

wooohooooo have been poked!

Virtual drinks all round… and a mojito just for you Abbey.

Am not in my office on wednesday, so shall try and get to cubana.

Am meant to be working, but, you know…

welcome to the site ,both of you. would love to see you both at cubana this wednesday…

Hi and welcome to the site

Bigsv I need to keep my bones strong so a glass of milk please

Welcome to LB

Smack poke poke with my newbie crutches

welcome and hello matey!! get yourself to the cubana sometime!! see ya


Have sorted it with building security that I can park in the basement… so might pop along.

Say hi if / when you se me ride in.

no probs, we all do!