be gentle, first post!!

I just joined your site wanted to say hi!

really like the site, just getting back into bikes after a gap of about 6years

used to own the hooligan tackle you know the rd350’s, fzr’s,mean green zxr’s

just got my self an old gsxr750 slingshot a bargain from ebay

Welcome to London Bikers. Hope you enjoy getting back into the saddle and your e-bay bargain gives you a good time.

Welcome and dont worry Im always gentle to first timers…

thanks heres a piccie of my ebay bargin

full micron s/s exhaust

braided hoses

ebc discs

sys3 alarm

sprint steering damper

34,000 miles

all for a grand


welcome streetgang !. i joined the site quite recently as well myself & this is an excellent site, one of the best i’ve ever come across.

Hi Streetgang, welcome to the site! That’s one hell of an immaculate gixxer you have there, I’m quite impressed. A real modern classic, definately a good buy for the money!

thanks very much, it must be one of the only 15yr old gixxers with the orginal toolkit under the seat!

but it’s not as clean as the pictures i have seen of your gixxer thou!!!

Hi streetgang, welcome to the site.

Good old eBay… Welcome to the site.

welcome mate,rd350’s,aahhhh,stan stephens tuned,allspeed pipes,the smell of castrol r,love em

Welcome streetgang ! Fancy a little profit on top of that grand? Rare bike mate, have fun!

Hello Sreetgang… I’m never gentle…(Ask Jay!!)he he… Welcome to Londonbikers… That Gixer looks well nice mate, really clean! Got yourself a right Bargain there! Just take care out there…

thanks for all the replys.

the best part of the old gixxer is the insurance £172 fully comp!!

as its a classic you see! ha ha !