Be extra careful today guys

You never know the state of that guy about to cross the road :slight_smile:

Fck it - if someone can post the tweet - beyond me

Not wanting to be seen in support of anything Scottish but why didn’t the motorcyclists give way?

It was like that down Queensway yesterday

Jesus, that was so predictable and easy to avoid. Rider should have easily avoided that.

Funny as… all the same

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Ahhh, I see the Alcohol Invincibility Cloaks are back in the shops again.

What is with the neck stance? Did his head suddenly get too heavy or something?

This is one of those where it looks like the beeping actually contributed to it. the moment courier beeps, guy runs across. But you should be able to see he cannot see, adjust your position and plan.

Still nearly spat my coffee out with that! Hilarious

oh, that’s going to hurt when the alcohol armour wears off… well at least he’s enjoying himself!

Looking forward to tonight…C’mon england!


That was literally the first thing I thought as well.

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He’s lucky the scooter got to him before Gareth Southgate, or he could have come round only to find himself on the pitch at Wembley wearing an England shirt…

Not sure he wasnt tbh

0-0 what’s that all about? I don’t do football but isn’t England one of the favourites in this competition with Scotland there just to round the numbers up?

England are a long way from being favourite in any competition.

At least there’s MotoGP this weekend and Wimbledon starts soon

Scotland transform into Brazil whenever they play England. We, by contrast transformed into Andorra.

Lucky to get a draw.

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This attitude doesn’t seem to working out very well. Get it up ye.

The funniest thing about this clip is the final beep as the scooter is going down. It’s too late for that now fella.

The bike looks like a PS125 which have linked brakes that are really powerful. Could have easily rolled off and stopped.

…but isn’t England one of the favourites in this competition :wink: