Be careful, you’re on camera

Oh shoot! I better don’t get caught!

So in conclusion, if you’re going to ride any worse than a nun would, take your plate off.

Personally I hate this idea that everyone has cameras to dob people in. Yes, most things in that video are horrific but the camera can hide/ distort things. How often have we seen bike vloggers berrate people who did sth only to be told that they could have easily avoided it / not put themselves in that situation?

Ok if someone is consistently driving dangerously that warrants being done but for a bad overtake / mistake on roundabout where in most cases you’d go ‘Was lucky to get away, best pay more attention next time’… The camera approach assumes every incident is reflective of this person’s driving all the time. And the worry is that any naughty thing you do, you’ll get done for.

I can see how the Polite brigade would love this but personally I find it troubling…


Rusty I think you’ll find that one is a car driver and the other a motorcyclist. The consistency is that bikers get jailed for gross speeding and car drivers get banned.