Be careful when buying from gumtree

Read about the latest attack this morning in the paper, but didn’t realise it has happened more than once through gumtree. One very nearly died…

so if looking to buy a car or something of value be careful

Similar thing happened before…dodgy stuff!

beats me why people still answer these adverts carrying large wads of cash ?

I don’t mind carrying a load of cash to buy a vehicle, but I would never meet the seller in a car park - always at the seller’s house or place of business (if they are a trader)

Just never go on your own…ever. Go back the 2nd time with the cash, dont take it with you the first time.

When i sold a car 2 years ago, the guy turns up on his own, didnt test drive it, then just handed me the asking price, boy, was i smiling that day :D:D

Lucky for him, i didnt have bad intentions, and it was an honest sale…

All I have ever red about Gumtree, is scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams, scams!

Why is anyone still using it?

Even when it’s a kosher address I only ever turn up with £100 “holding deposit” (and a blank receipt ready for signing) and get the real deal done in daylight, in public, with a mate in sight.

Turning up solo anywhere with X5 money in a brief case means the victim was an unfortunate d*** head.

Well, stories about successful purchases/ sales and bargain finding on an internet site don’t make interesting news :wink:

I imagine that people still use it because it is free, easy and popular.

I’ve bought and sold bikes & accessories, computer gear, DJ/ sound equipment, musical instruments, sports equipment, electronic goods and even found accommodation on Gumtree and never been scammed or attacked. It does happen, I’m not denying that, but I have (somehow) had the good sense or luck to avoid suspect/ malicious transactions.

Yeah, I’ve bought once through Gumtree and that was the VMax :slight_smile:

used gumtree loads, bought and sold stuff, always had a mate about when its anything of bigger value which i think is good practise anyhow.

DO know people who have been scammed off gumtree my favourite was this mate of mine call Mac.

He went to look at a house in kilburn to move into (ex council he was told). he really liked the place and decided to take it. At the time the tennants still lived there and he was told they would be moving out the saturday and so he could move in monday after it had been cleaned.

So he went back and met the guy at a coffee shop dead opposite the flat and paid 6 weeks deposite and 4 weeks rent, signed the tenancy agreement and was give 2 sets of keys.

All good he thought, so then on the monday he turns up with his missis in a removal van, goes to the door and tries to use the key but no luck. So after faffing around and trying to call the landlord he notices someone appeared to be in the house so he knocks on the door and this old asian lady anwsers looking confused.

He then explains that he is supposed to be moving in and what happened much to her confusion, she explains that this guy knocks on her door and shows her a council ID and says he is there to “check” over the house and building and needs to show some “plumbers” “Boiler People” and Insultion people around and would they mind. She of course said no probs not wanting to cause a hassel, she then let him go round the house with a clip board and he took some photos and bits, then a couple of days later he brings around some guys to look at the place. the rest is pretty obvious!!!

The guy was clever as he made himself out to be an inspector for the council and wore a suit and was very confident, then when my mate met him he said he was a landlord and had a few properties. It turned out he was a thefing little bastard!!!

My mate lost 1500 quid, and the police said 3 others did aswell, cheeky fecker!!