Be careful out there

This was posted on my FB page…

Christ almighty.
All that for a Lexmoto?
Imagine what they’d do to get a Ducati?

Thanks for the heads up.

Hmm not good, that’s just up the road from me

couple of towns over from me too

Not far from me too Tromboman

Yeah makes ya think, how safe is your ride

Does make you wonder, got a chain and disc lock on mine over night but if they jacking them then we don’t stand much chance

Right near me!! Often used to ride up there and stop at the top! I thought it was odd too for a lexmoto arrow!! I think they might have nicked it to use it for a crime! They can’t be worth much in parts!?

I guess that’s when you want a tracker.

I often just ride up there just to have a sit and think, gorgeous view

For anyone else confused, the large photo of the R6 is from JesteR6’s signature, and is not the lexmoto 125 that was nicked.

It is lovely, one of my favorite places to relax and chill :slight_smile:

Thanks, I was calling local police station that I’ve seen the bike next to Ace… good I’ve read that and hang up… That would be embarrassing…


LOL!!! :laugh: