BCW Village Vacancy !!

Im am now in very urgent need of someone that wants to be involved in the Breast Cancer Weekend as Ground Staff…

(An unexpected situation has rendered Christine “Lady Pillion” Unavailable.

(One person to act as LB,s CENTRAL POINT OF INFORMATION)

Im looking for someone that will be the liason between Londonbikers and Breakthrough, the two days will need you to be the information source for literally everything between Breakthrough Staff and LB in regards to :=


Personal Belongings

Secure Bike Parking

Pitch Allocation

Liason between Dispatch, Aviva and LB

Photo Call Arrangement


Anyone Interested for the BOTH DAYS !!..Drop me a PM or a phone call on the out of hours number in the original post in

The General Forum !!!

I need to stress that this post will be for “Both Days” !!

I just cannot have Two people over Two Different Days as the format and needs of Breakthrough and LB in conjunction with the passing of Information and Day Planning just wont be allow it !

Thank you.

I commit. It’s me. I get to wear a skirt for 2 days.

I want to be pro active at the site. I will now take over a phisio role for the girls in the evening making sure they get rid of all the their cramps. They do call me ‘Magic Hands’ on the rugby pitch…

Good work PBZ

I would like to be deputy if PBZ is unable to make it/prefer to go on the route with the others. Let me know.

Nice one Lou- thank you.


Thats all bases covered and we are ready to rumble !!!

Thank you all for the PM,s and Calls !!

Quality !!