BCW Pictures !!

Is there any more pictures to go up in the gallerys people ? as I need to put together some packages for publication.

I,ll be in touch with the Intrepid Lens Men as soon as !!!


why not put all the links to all the pics in one place? like here, i am sure there is more out there than i have found

coming as fast as I can, (my wrist hurts :smiley: )

Yep, there’s another two galleries to come. At least one will go live later today. Toby, have you uploaded them as per usual?

Good Work Fellas…Big Ta !

ive not even edited mine yet let alone upload them. will make a start today i promise


I haven’t uploaded anything yet. Been too busy, but have done all the processing. Finished last night at some ludicrous hour. I’ll uplaod at home this evening and drop you a message when they’re up.

Easy now. Toby