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My god, you lot are amazing! I’m so, so so proud of all the hard work and dedication you guys and girls put in that weekend. I hope you’ve all recovered, and I personally look forward to the next charity event!!



Nice one Jay! Next time I do it I’ll remember to smile a bit ALthough i am smiling in one at the end - but that might be wind of course!

You were a busy man, you have an excuse, kinda

Or maybe I’m Victor Meldrew in disguise…

Quality jay… nice one

Amazing pictures, truely captured the weekends emotions, only sorry that I couldn’t help in any way.

Onto the London Air Ambulance!

Mate, an awesome event very well captured by yourself…nice work dude

great pics jay …top man

Superb Jay…

You captured every mood and emotion…

Thank You for all the hard work over the whole thing !!

Nice pics mate … wish i could of made it…

Lovely pics Jay

Fantastic pictures Jay, you all were part of something very special there, respect to you all.

thank you …excellent…you are a star

you brought all the memories flooding back…smiles and tears…brilliant

now i got me new avatar pic…

Top pics, cheers for the work you put into them Jay.

dont cry loopy, awwwwwwww come here

down tiger…

Gizzus a big hug flat’s …

cool pics jay well done