BCW meal at the stranded

I’d just like to say a big thank you to Lou for organising the meal, it was a superb meal and a well nice place with very nice waiters and waitresses, even if i couldnt have one of the waitresses number :laugh:

I’dalso like to thank myself for paying off BARRO’S bar tab and them JIMC for offering to give me the money back as i havent really got £97 to throw about

Cheers tug for the lift home and thanks to all of you for being there it was a super evening out :w00t:

Bandit Bird i think your lovely but u just wouldn’t be able to handle me :laugh:

top night, not sure what happened with barro as we had left by then, ginge you proved tonight that you can behave yourself when you want to while out with adult company, keep up the good work,

bandit bird my arse is still stinging from the slap you gave me.

meh - It wasn’t me that slapped you Andy must of been Ginge he loves a bit of arse… and Ginge, in your ******* dreams mate :smiley:

Food was top notch. Company was excellent and I think I can safely say that everyone had a brillient time.

Steve and I didn’t get back to Stevenage until 5am after missing our last train, having nowhere to stay and wandering around London in silly shoes in the cold (mine, not Steves:D ), Steve coughed up the £100 taxi fare home. So massive kudos to Zepher Steve, sorry I was so grouchy but my feet were killing me!

Was great meeting you all :smiley:

the delete button won’t work… it posted it twice… gremlins!

you could have stayed at mine i had a free house :laugh:

you could have stayed at mine i had a free house :laugh:

£97 thats a Result mate…cost effective Barro !!!Stop drinking with Barro and telling barmaids your a porn film star then …specially when on the champers…“Shewoolf”…tell him whats what babe please…:wink:

Great night (as I will post elsewhere) - I’ll see you behind the bike-shed Barro. :wink:

BEHAVE !!! :w00t:

hold your jaket for ya jim:)