The Sticky Post Riders List has been updated after a great show of support at the Borough Meet.

Ive gone from having nowhere near enough Riders to having well over what The Event Management asked for if we include the Raddobank Riders (8 Definate) and Ive also got Three Mysteries !!!

Three people have given me Forms with details missing = Forum names and alike and Ive even got one form thats blank with a Cheque attached to it !!!

So if you look over the list and see that you are missing then please PM me with your Full Name and Forum Name and I will update it instantly.

Thanks People, we are all set to go !!

Just in…


The Rufus just stopped by mine and Ive got him all signed sealed and on the Firm !!!

"Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh cheers mate…wouldnt be the same without ya “”

Thank you !!!