BCW II (1st May) Update

Sticky Post Update

Any Questions ?

Yeah, what’s an ASB? (still )

And I’m down as ASA, what’s that about?

Well, at least you two arent wearing the Dunces hat lol

Mebbe it’s a D for deputy, bang**bang

I was alos wondering what those letters were about

WEll he did tell me that D was Despatcher, but i didnt ask about the others as I hadnt read the post properly at the time. Maybe its something like RS = riding stewards, ASA/ASB = Assistant Stewards A and B or something… Ignore me, im just making this up as I go along

Come on Barro, put us out of our misery!

Ohhhhhh…listen people…its nothing…no big secret…it was abbrvs to help me keep a track of what I was doing and where I was going to disperse people if need be …

The Barrosetta Stone =

RS = Rolling Sweep (Team Contact and Route Scout)

1PM = First Point Marker (First Point of Call / Sets Day Off)

ASA = Alternative Route Sweep (A) see RS

ASB = Alternative Route Sweep (B) See RS

CPL = Contact Person Lunch (Breakthrough Contact)

LA = Lunch Area (Londonbikers.com Promotions)

D = Dispatcher (Breakthroughs Main Information Contact to Team)

P = Photographer (Da Nutz)

So there you go…you have all now got an insight…(so far as Ive got)…to what Ive got planned and no doubt this will be added to and changed.

Love and Luck you Nosey Bastids…