BCW Bike Addition

Well I thought I’d get a special plate made up for the occasion, something to throw on when the cameras are looking. If there’s interest from others, we can get the supplier to do us a favourable qoute, I’ve already asked.

The furry stuff poking out the bottom is the velcro to hold it in place.



Me Me ME!!!

Very good…worth having !

Santa, I have been a good boy this year… and I would like “Black Londonbikers number plate” PPPPPPLLLLLEEEEAAAASSSSEEEE

Now thats a great idea…spot on Jay…I,ll have one for the new baby which is due in about a Month

You getting a brand new R6?

Cant tell ya …Top Secret !!!

Okay guys, if you want to get one, go to:


And design your plate there. I went for the 8"x2" on black, default font. If you want to be flash, get your username added as a tagline. They’re quick on the ball so will get it to you in time if you order now.

Cost is about £10.

Order just gone in !

Hey…its my old friend Chris…I know him at Mal Plates very well…all my show plates came from him and the new private reg Ive got for my new bike was made up there …woooooooo hoooooooo…large discount in order…I,ll give him a ring and see what he says !.

I’ve already put the proposition to him on if he would like to sponsor the plates, but he couldn’t. He was willing to qoute for a bulk order though, but I don’t have the time to manage something like that.

Also, if you get one of these, you’ll need a way of securing it. They don’t come with velcro, I added that as I already have velcro on my plate hanger. You can get velcro at hardware stores, very cheap. Make sure you get the industrial variety for strength.

Ok Jay…I,ll try to get a Bulk Deal…I have his home and mobile number and will phone him tonight.

Start a list here guys and gals and I,ll phone the order over when all done !!!

  1. Macp.

  2. Trojan. (bought)

  3. Topgooner

  4. Taz

  5. Barro

i got one already as well - needed to buy a licence plate so just got both…

Barro … I’ve already put the order in on the website !

Sorry mate, did it 3 or 4 hours ago but the offer is much appreciated.

Oh and I can get a hold of velcro, don’t go buying it, just tell me who needs it.

Edited to add - Stupid boy that I am, I see you’ve already put down that I’ve bought it.

why do you have loads of velcro???

can i have some please?

Velcro has a million and one uses, eh Trojan

cool, let me know the damage.

It does have a million and one uses Jay … what do you use it for ?

Will take some out with me on Friday to give to you Abbey and anyone else that needs some.

ill have one as well barro please

Arrived today.