Don’t be afraid…shat yourselves! Sunday, you know where and why!:kiss:

oh oh so tempting…:wink:

BCR is back, At last! :smiley:

Did it ever stop?:blink: You in DRB?

That dont sound like commitment to me Ratty, your BCR needs you!:cool:



Yes I’m in :slight_smile:

We did few runs to FF. but without you and “that bike” its not BCR.

What? Of cause it is! The BCR is not about me…or even That Bike !:blink: I’ll accept That Bike is the Official Mascot of The BCR!:cool: The wife is prolly coming so I’ll be on The1 instead!:blink: You may remember, she broke my last bike!:blush:

Indeed… I’m tempted as well, was good fun last time (which is saying a lot for the Fazer). I think I know the “where”, not sure on the “when”, and the “why” eludes all of us… :stuck_out_tongue:


i hear the call…

i am there…defo…100%…wheres hoft b-o-l-l-o-x are teh retards coming out to play as well?:D7

sneaksta…love teh pic man, saved for future use!

General Ratty SIR! Permission to brief SeismicRaptor…

8.15 fully fuelled? We’ll take bids on the time. WHY? Well because OBVIOUSLY!:blink:


Mad-Dog is at Lydden Hill, as is Siper. They prolly back late and are getting old so will struggle to get their sh1t outa bed in the morning…whats the world coming too?:frowning:

I’ll be there, but no breaking your leg again George!:Whistling:

no can do this weekend, I’m up in lincolnshire… I was around FF the other weekend with Jetstream… Oh, how I love essssssex!

enjoy all!!!

Whehey, wife and baby are off at the inlaws. Im there!

By the way, just got back from my hols in japan where I did a pretty cool ride out. Take a look:


You’re always thinking of yourself aren’t you moto!:angry:


see you their peeps :slight_smile:

Very very tempted, not to sure the wife will be to happy with another Sunday with me on the bike. Will be able to make it next weekend fingers cross. Getting some new hoops on the bike next week so it will be a good run in for them.
If I can I will see you there. If not have a great run!! Jealous!!

Hey Woo Woo! You know the sore:

I will ask the Mrs and see if I can get a permission slip!

Just thinking of the bad press I’ll get if you do it again is all. :hehe:

I`ll be wearing the old LB T-shirt so if you see me say hello.

permission granted!

rode the shorter way today, loadsa fun. road is bumpy in places tho…some **** on road…lots of roadkill…pheasents loads of em!

i wil lbe there for 8.15-8.30…if im not there go i catch you up on route or at ff.

this is gonna be fun!!:D:D