will be doing the bcr this week

usuall place 8:30am start


please be fueled up:)

Great news :)See U tomorrow.

Sorry I wont be able to make this…having a in growing hair removed from my back :smiley:

Sounds good to me… sounds so good i think i’ll make up for the ones ive missed by doing it twice again :smiley:

I’ll be there :cool:


Ive never done the bcr, maybe i should join one week …

One week is this week girl! Next time you’ll be saying you’ll wait for better weather, even Mrs McC reckons she’s coming out to play!:w00t: Get your a$$ out there tomo!:wink:

no tel… thats thursday you senile old sod:D

i will try to make it…if i can wake up in time!

last chance for at least two weeks after i have me arse operated on:w00t::D:D

Thats you told :w00t::smiley:

ca’mon you’ll have a great time and the weather is going to be wicked:cool:

I’ll be there hopefully! so get your as out stacy! need my gixer power wingwoman ;):smiley:

ratty your cover bike needs a good thrashing b4 you give it back so be there :wink:

will be nice to bump into you again:D

It’s supposed to be 20C :slight_smile: Better enjoy, could be the last warm sunny weekend until June next year or something :cool:

Hope not, hope we have some decent weather for cadwell :smiley:

I’ll be there.:smiley:

See you all tomorrow.

haha seriously man you got good timing. I’d just stood up to adjust my man bits and you shunted the back wheel nearly taking the bike out from under me :D:D:D:D bloody supermotos cant take em anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

OK UNCLE HOFTY!:smiley: can i have a go on your superretard;):smiley:

http://londonbikers.com/forums/FindPost451073.aspx :stuck_out_tongue: