OK, ive heard that this is hard and fast and not for newbies BUT I am gagging for…a full english (breakfast!). WHere does it finish, coz i may just ride out and meet you guys for the fry up hehehe!

It’s for anyone who wants to turn up !
I probably won’t be around for this weekend due to boozy arrangements, but it ends up in Fitchingfield where you can get a nice spot of breakfast (tip - get the full english cos I got a sausage sandwich there once and the total came to more than the full monty ?!)
Apparently it’s only rumours that it is a SneakyMcC franchise. :Whistling:

Keep an eye on the thread tomorrow though to see who is coming along, if you’re gonna do the BCR it’s worth doing it properly :wink:

Where abouts will you be coming from (I assume not Italy!)

It is only as fast as you want tot ride it as they will wait for everyone every time you got tot turn somewhere.
Yes it is a technical ride as the road are like that but some of the best roads (almost car free at that time of the Sunday morning) in the south west
I won’t be attending as I would have to ride some 70 miles in a dense fog just to make the starting point but I will be back in spring.
I you are in the neck of the wood it is well worth doing.
Have fun out there and stay safe



not sure who’s out this weekend at the mo but i’m up for a run to finchingfeild:)

meet here, 8:30am start off


please be fueled up :)also dont worry about the pace of the bcr its just a bitOfun on the lanes & a crackin breakfast:)

Count me in, so nobody needs to worry about it being too fast, anybody will be able to keep up with my pace :stuck_out_tongue:

welcome along m8 i’m really not fused about a tear up on the lanes this week

if others dont want to wait they can keep going & we’ll see them at finchingfeild;)

just think of the bcr as practice for cadwell:cool:

if im not nursing a hangover i will be there for my first LB ride out!!:smiley:

im counting down the days when i can grace finchingfield with my presence again might be for xmas lunch at this rate im offically bikeless public transport here i come . will see if i can get my knee down off the 97 bus

probably stand more of a chance than me on my bike:D

Hi there. I’m up for it. I could really do with that full English. See you tomorrow early doors!

What of the fog?

I’m leaving from SE London, if anybody wants to meet up at the Blackheath Tea hut, let me know.

To Newbies,

Do it, Do it, Do it

The bcr was my first rideout and I am new to bikes, SneakyMcC and the guys made me feel very welcome (having never met them before) and I was made to feel more than comfortable riding at my own pace.

Pre warning tho, it is a bit technical in some parts, but ride your own ride, they will wait for ya I am sure. These guys are good riders and you wont catch the super motos, but thats not the point, they made it clear that the point is to keep 2 wheels on the road.

Well thats my stance on the bcr, for more info including start at finish points, search LB for a thread called ‘long live the bcr’

I wont be there tomoro, (I am gutted coz the weather does look good), but I otherwise engaged, (the mrs wont let me go) lol

sorry for droning on.

very well put magic:cool: try get out next week if you can;)


I even might call up Rita at Bosworths in Finchingfield to arrange a breakfast discount for magic for that?..Nah!:laugh:

Talk about the sun shining on the righteous! Where’s the fog this morinin?:cool:

Nice bright start! see you at collier row :slight_smile:

sorry to have missed this, to much beer last night and want to have a clear head to take on this one;)