Not managed to attend for a few weeks, anything planned for tomz ?

I’d be up for this, let me know what time at the roundabout.

DItto - ive been gone for a short while now. Think I’ll be there tomorrow morning… normal time?

It would seem i have had other plans made for me !!

Wont be able to make the morning for the BCR after all :frowning:

If you guys manage to make a go of it, hope you have a great ride, keep it safe :slight_smile:

I will be leaving the roundabout at 8am sharp with Steve (XR650). All wecome to join. (No 125’s please). :slight_smile:

Might be tempted to take The Riot II.:slight_smile:

Good plan, take The Riot :slight_smile:

If I take The Riot II, my pace will be a lot slower than usual.

Can’t remember any supermotos having problems with our pace, not in the corners :wink:

See how I feel in morning!:slight_smile:

We have no problem with pace, corners or anywhere else :D:D:D

Oi! There’s only one fecking Riot! And its still in fecking bits cause the courier has lost the new fecking wheel!:angry:

I’ll be there!!!:w00t:

Rikster, I got shore leave gone midnight last night, so it was a real surprise to be out there. I have to say…You-Would-Have-Loved-It!:stuck_out_tongue:

Shame you could make it fella, you were obviously very sorely missed. Thank you for called the ride on tho!:smiley:

Hope you all had a nice time on the BCR. I was riding out from Box today at a more civilised hour of 10.30 - although only got back 5 mins ago - knackered - no stamina eh?:smiley:

I will try and make another BCR before I leave :slight_smile:

Oh no you wont!:angry: You WILL make another BCR b4 you leave!:wink:

Glad I joined the boys for breakfast today,“nice” little ride afterwards,made me smile:D Only thing missing,something nice to look at on the back of Sneaky’s bike;)

we didnt leave home till 12.00 did look out for you all on the way home but guessed you must have been back indoors by that time.

Twas good to see ya’m8, very nice surprise. Dave (SP1) and Gianni too!:w00t:

Oh, is that why you were finally prepared to ride in front of me on The B1057!!!:laugh:

Yep, home by midday!:wink: Sorry to have missed you:(

Oh, is that why you were finally prepared to ride in front of me on The B1057!!!:laugh:

Cheeky!!! I only got there by default having gone past John,I quite enjoyed being “Leader of the Pack” for a short time though.Hope I did’nt hold you up too much;)!!!
PS Still like the Duke with the “baggage” on the back:P

Hold me up?:blink: I was struggling to keep up!:hehe:

Baggage!:exclamationmark: You’ll get your block knocked off!:smiley:

Home by midday? What kind of ride do you call that? Lightweights the lot of you!!:wink:

I was home at a proper hard bikers time of 5.30 pm from Box. 7 hours in the saddle (give or take a few pub stops to have full English, Summer Pudding and angel cakes).

I also maxed the Hornet out at my fastest ever speed of 87 mph. It is true - I saw the speedometer myself. For those of you who think this is slow, normally I go at 25 mph.